What are kidney stones and how magnesium citrate can help with it?

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Only those who are suffering from kidney stone know the unbearable pain. Some of them take drugs to dissolve the kidney stone while in severe cases; the stones are removed through surgery. Doctors prescribe magnesium citrate based medications to treat kidney stones if the size is really small and can be dissolved with drugs. Kidney stones are a common and painful condition and one of the most common urinary tract disorders.

What are kidney stones?
Several minerals and vitamins are absorbed by every human body. Stones can be developed from a range of substances. The most common stones are formed by calcium and oxalate that has crystallized in the urinary tract. Other types of stones include uric acid, struvite, and cystine.

While having kidney stones is a painful condition, it can be worse if there is obstruction of the urinary tract, damage to kidneys, and life-threatening infections.

Traditionally, doctors take a multi-pronged approach to treating stones, including surgery, use of shock waves, and various medications to prevent future occurrence of stone in the kidney.

There are some guidelines for preventing formation of stones, however most of these guidelines are based on the stone composition.

Why it is important to balance your fat soluble vitamins?
It’s a top priority for any patient suffering from kidney stones and especially if his stones are formed of calcium-oxalate. We need more than just vitamin D to metabolize calcium in our routine diet and in our blood, yet most dietitians never consider the importance of other fat soluble vitamins.

Vitamin A and vitamin K2 are two important nutrients that help balancing out the vitamin D effects and also allow calcium to get absorbed by bones. It is very critical to balance vitamin A, vitamin K2, and vitamin D, as excess of of these will lead to a deficiency of the other.

Consume magnesium
Sometimes magnesium solves all the problems like muscle cramps, headache, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, back pain, constipation, brain fog, etc. Magnesium is surely a magical dietary supplement that helps without risk for toxicity.

This is why doctors prescribe medications having magnesium citrate ingredient to their patients for treating kidney stones. These supplements are easily available at drug store. You just need to show the prescription letter to the drug store owner and he will provide you the written medicines.

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