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What are kidney stones and how magnesium citrate can help with it?

Only those who are suffering from kidney stone know the unbearable pain. Some of them take drugs to dissolve the kidney stone while in severe cases; the stones are removed through surgery.

Potassium magnesium citrate and protein absorption

Although very few people probably know about its usefulness, nevertheless, Magnesium is a critical element that is absolutely essential for mental and physical benefits.

How 3D printing can reshape the pharmaceutical world completely

The revenue generation in receipt of some of global pharmaceutical giants is much higher than the per capita income of some countries.

Why is calcium citrate more popular than other calcium products?

Extensive research on human anatomy has revealed that calcium is extremely responsible for bone formation and to maintain healthy bones.

Gynecologists suggesting disodium citrate to treat UTIs in women

UTIs or urinary tract infections are most common bacterial infections in women. This infection is common in among young and elderly women and the ones who are undergoing certain procedures of the genitourinary tract. Among all medicines, disodium citrate is widely used by women to treat UTIs.

Treat calcium deficiency with calcium citrate dosage - by Manufacturers

This post is shared by calcium citrate manufacturers. In this story, they will explain how calcium citrate is useful for human. Read this article and know the best use of this drug.

Exporters Use Advanced Techniques to manufacture Safe and Clean Fine Chemicals

From flavors to fragrances, pharmaceutical drugs and fine chemicals are produced in high quality standards and maximum purity level.

Future Pharmaceutical policy may trigger bulk drugs manufacturing in India

Bulk drugs are basically raw materials that are used to prepare ultra-grade medicines in India. There is urgent need of pharmaceutical policy that could trigger bulk drugs manufacturing and investments.

Piperazine phosphate- Proper use and dosage

Piperazine is immensely popular drug for treating worm infection or similar diseases inside human or animals.

The oleoresin paprika is an oil soluble liquid

The major principle of this oleoresin paprika liquid is give flavor and colors the food.

Various derivatives of piperazine and its properties

Adani Pharma Chem offers wide range in piperazine derivatives is prepared under the guideline of experts.

Colored food with oleoresin paprika

Can you imagine the world without any colors? Do you think that this world can survive if there is no color and just all the things are black and white like those old black and white pictures on your TV?

Chemical properties of Piperazine phosphate

Piperazine phosphate is a derivative of Piperazines which is prepared by adding phosphorus. Chemical reaction takes place like Ammoniation. This is a chemical compound derived from the black pepper (natural occurring herb) or Piperazine.

RPLC determination of Diloxanide Furoate India in Tablets

A simple chromatographic technique has been developed and validated for RPLC determination of Diloxanide Furoate India in tablets.

Different APIs and chemicals exporters in India meet Oleoresin market demand

Oleoresin exporters in India supply their range of products to food and beverages industry where Oleoresin paprika is used as a food coloring agent that turns the food color into red deep.

Manufacturers advise sodium citrate use for preventing kidney stones

A patient can never forget the pain caused by kidney stone. Generally, there are four kinds of kidney stones –

What is Povidone iodine? How Indian pharma companies use it?

Povidone iodine in India is used as an antiseptic medicine to treat abrasions and skin infection. It was introduced and developed in the 1960s and usually available at many pharmacies and their supply catalogs.

Identification of Veterinary Drugs India

Veterinary Drugs are specific to different breeds of animals that are sick. You should generally consult Veterinarians before you start giving Veterinary Drugs to your animals.