Identification of Veterinary Drugs India

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Just like human medications and prescriptions, Veterinary Drugs also have unique labeling over it. Few of the ingredients many be same as of human drugs, yet proper identification is necessary of Veterinary Drug to prevent mishandling and wrong administration.


The main objective of drug Identification parameter is to correctly define the Veterinary drug to clients. It also explains the clients about correct dosage, how it should be taken and proper diet along with it. You should also explain about allergy or any other major operations you have faced in past.

Proper identification prevents mishandling and wrong administration of Veterinary Drugs among animals. Different species may need different dosage depends on severity of disease. In few cases, over dosage may cause even death. You cannot prescribe particular drugs for all animals. A particular drug may be used as pain killer for one animal and produces side effects in other cases.

Every state has different rules and regulations for administering and labeling Veterinary Drugs India. It is the responsibility of healthcare professionals and members of veterinary practice to know about these rules and regulations in detail. Veterinary technicians cannot prescribe drug according to law but they can administer or identify medications to avoid mishandling.

Labeling is done differently for prescription and non-prescription drugs. It is easy to identify prescription and non-prescription drugs simply by looking at the label. Prescription drugs have Rx symbol and non prescription drugs does not have Rx symbol or statement. When experts are working to identify the drugs, they should focus on five parameters – right dosage, right drug, right patient, right time, and right route. Being focused and knowledgeable Veterinary technicians, it is easy to identify drugs and its lebeling.