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This post is shared by calcium citrate manufacturers. In this story, they will explain how calcium citrate is useful for human. Read this article and know the best use of this drug.

Calcium is a critical mineral without which human bones are useless. Calcium is found in foods naturally. It is responsible for several normal functions of human body that also includes bones formation and maintenance. Calcium can also bind to other minerals like phosphate and helps in releasing them from the body.

Calcium citrate drug is used to treat and prevent deficiencies of calcium. Manufacturers of such drugs advice people not to consume calcium citrate or antacids that have calcium without consulting the doctor. If the person is already taking some medicines, he should ask his doctor first prior consuming calcium citrate drug. Calcium can make it tough for human body to absorb such medicines.

Calcium citrate works best when it is taken with food. Prior taking this medication, the person should tell his doctor if he has-

If the person has one of these conditions, he may be unable to consume calcium citrate or he may need to adjust the dose during treatment.

In case of pregnancy, it is suggested to talk to your doctor before taking calcium citrate. If you are breast-feeding mother, the same rule applies to you as well.

Sometimes, calcium citrate causes allergic reactions. In case the person faces any of these reactions, he should get emergency medical help-

Some common side effects of this medicine includes-

It is necessary to take the medication in proper dosage suggested by the doctor. Calcium citrate can make it harder for human body to absorb other medicines. Thus, suggested dosage should be taken by the person to avoid side effects of the calcium citrate.

Take it with food with a full glass of water. Dissolve the tablet in the water and drink the full amount of mixture. Calcium citrate manufacturers suggest storing the rest of the tablets at room temperature away from heat, moisture, and of course children.

For more info, kindly connect to suppliers of calcium citrate in your town.