Manufacturers advise sodium citrate use for preventing kidney stones

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A patient can never forget the pain caused by kidney stone. Generally, there are four kinds of kidney stones – Urolith (stone located anywhere within the urinary tract), Ureterolith (stone inside the ureter), Nephrolith (stone inside the kidney), and Calculus (stone inside the body). Sodium Citrate manufacturers recommend its use to treat such stones.

What is a kidney stone?

It’s a small stone type that is formed up with calcium crystals inside the kidney where urine collects. Calcium Oxalate is the most common kidney stone.

Kidney stone causes:
Doctors are still trying to find out the real cause behind kidney stones. Presently, it is not clear what causes stones in some people and not others. Till now, study shows that people - who take more salts, protein, calcium and minerals in the diet and drink less water, usually suffer with kidney stones. Changes in the pH balance of the urine or more concentration of acids and chemicals in the urine can generate the problem of a stone.

How Sodium Citrate is efficient in preventing kidney stone issues?
Sodium Citrate manufacturers claim that the product is used for making the urine less acidic. When the acid concentration in the urine is less, the chances of stone formation also become less. Low acid concentration in the urine helps the kidneys get rid of uric acid and prevent gout, which causes certain types of kidney stones.

The medication of Citric acid or Sodium Citrate also prevents and treats specific metabolic issues caused by kidney disease. Citrate salts and citric acid contain potassium and sodium and are belonged to ‘urinary alkalinizers’ drug class.

This medication is not prescribed by doctors in certain conditions:

Is there any serious side-effect of Sodium Citrate?

Sodium Citrate manufacturers say that the drug doesn’t have serious side effects; however, a person needs to intake it as per the doctor’s prescription. In case you face serious side-effects that are mention below, it would be better to stop using this medication:

For special assistance and care, call your doctor and get right medicine at the right time.