What is Povidone iodine? How Indian pharma companies use it?

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The pharma companies use Povidone iodine in several forms as per the requirement. Due to solubility in water, it is mostly used in iodine antiseptics form and deliver effective results. Povidone iodine in India is used in highly flexible applications.


Povidone iodine contains a mixture of PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone) and iodine. The iodine percentage depends on the formulation of the solution and it may mix with sterile water or glycerin and other liquids as per the convenience. It is commonly known as PVP-I and its reddish to brown color can stain clothing and skin.

Pharma companies produce dry preparation for Povidone iodine in India to mix and blend the solution as required. One can also avail it in:

It is an ideal iodine medicine that can be instantly applied from a sterile pack. Many people in India use Povidone iodine in the first aid kits to give instant first aid, even when the condition is adverse. It is a best sterilizing medicine that is used for skin sterilizing prior starting the surgery. It is an option used for killing bacteria and microorganisms that could harm or infect the skin.

Povidone iodine is strictly for external use only and you need to keep it out of reach of your pets and children because ingesting of PVP-I can bring harmful results. In case a person ingest this medicine, it is advisable to call poison control center for treatment. Many pharmacies are selling Povidone iodine India as a mouthwash and sterile liquid. Hence, PVP-I or povidone iodine can be taken as flexible medicine that is used in different forms for sterile purposes.