Future Pharmaceutical policy may trigger bulk drugs manufacturing in India

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Bulk drugs are basically raw materials that are used to prepare ultra-grade medicines in India. There is urgent need of pharmaceutical policy that could trigger bulk drugs manufacturing and investments. Manufacturers have also set new manufacturing standards or facilities to attract investors worldwide. Bulk drugs are used along medicines or drugs to give it stable therapeutic effect.

As of now, bulk drugs only contribute 10 to 15 percent share in large pharmaceutical domestic market. India largely depends on China to fulfill its requirements for bulk drugs. According to industrial experts, more than 80 percent of bulk drugs are imported from China alone. This is the time when we need to improve to market for bulk drugs India through government policy or any other attractive medium.

Government is not ready to share any secret details of bulk drug policy with public or manufacturers as of now. But they assure recommendation by different committees will be well implemented successfully and it will give API manufacturers a chance to reduce its dependency on China market for bulk drugs. However, government has planned incentives like land at reasonable prices, tax break, power at high concession and many other similar benefits will be featured with the policy.

Indian government has also taken reference from China where endless benefits are offered to local industry like affordable manufacturing costs, bulk drugs manufacturing at low prices and tax relaxation etc. Pharmaceutical policy for bulk drugs India is also expected to include all of these benefits for API manufacturing industry.

Government strongly feels when pharmaceutical policy for bulk drugs would be implemented then chances of growth are also pretty much higher. The two main hubs in India for bulk drugs manufacturing are Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. Soon, it will become popular in rest part of world too.