Different APIs and chemicals exporters in India meet Oleoresin market demand

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A natural food coloring agent, Oleoresin is extracted from lipids or plant fats, and pigments from red peppers (sweet). The industry uses it for various products manufacturing:

Paprika’s color is slightly reddish-orange and when it is used with red pepper, and Capsicum annuum L. extract, it becomes efficient in coloring food and turns it into deep red.

Exporters in India sourcing best Oleoresin for market clients
The global market is enriched with suppliers of Oleoresin; however, not every exporter is worth of buying bulk Oleoresin product range in the country. There are foxes out there trying to make holes in the pocket of industrial clients to have a profitable treat.

Since years, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients manufacturers and exporters in India are dealing in specialty chemicals, Agro chemicals, herbal extracts, Pytho chemicals and Oleoresin ranges. Moreover, manufacturers are empowered by infrastructure, expertise, vision, approach, and experience to cater industrial requirements. That’s why Oleoresin exporters India are considered to be on top of the list of premium global suppliers. They source the best raw materials to process chemicals and make them usable products for industrial clients.

Being a natural color adding agent, Oleoresin has a limited lifespan and can be stored for up to 18 months. This product is available in dry powder form and in liquid paste form and has slight odor. Sometimes Oleoresin is also used by poultry feed makers through which they produce feed for chicken in order to give the egg yolks a darker yellow color in a natural way.