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Uses of Oleoresin Paprika

Oleoresin Paprika is available in the prominent range in our product catalog which is good for the national, domestic and international market. From the past decade, this is proved as the important range of herbs and we are proud to announce you that we, Adani Pharmaceutical industry provide you this well recognized natural flavor herb which is efficient to color the reagents for regular usage of the domestic and commercial markets.

It is good and safe to use and that premium range will not toxidise your food items. This is good as natural and also a manufactured food product which is sold with lots of profit. As per the view of Oleoresin exporters in India, you can add this color in many popular food items as sweets, spices, mixture of food items, emulsified processed meats, cheese, juice of many fruits like orange juice and many other items which are processed with this technology.

If you use them regularly then this will not harm you by any way just you have to heal them and should have proper knowledge about this color additive. The property with which it naturally colors the range of foods, the demand is increased in a great manner so the natural flavoring and coloring agents are categorized.

Technical details are provided by Adani pharmaceutical company for its clients and we also recognize all the products for the bulk production. This particular product is pungent in odor and as per making, it is available in dark red, oily and viscous liquid.

Technical Details
CAS No 68917-78-2
Category Natural colouring & flavouring agent
Description Dark red oily viscous liquid
Odour Pungent
Flavour Nearly free from pungency
Colour 10,000 to 1,00,000 c.u.
Solubility Oil soluble
Viscosity 200 to 450 c.p.
Density 0.935 to 0.945 g/cc
Capsaicin content Not more than 0.02 %

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